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I'm writing to urge your support for legislation to limit the use of abortion-inducing drugs to those labeled expressly for such purpose by the FDA. Recently, Ohio has seen a significant increase in the number of chemical abortions using other drugs like methotrexate, a drug labeled for use as a chemotherapy agent.

Abortion is never a "safe" procedure because its goal is the death of an innocent baby. But using a chemotherapy drug to end a developing child’s life takes the abortion practice to a dangerous new extreme that treats babies as a cancer to a mother’s body. Not only does this kind of practice subject unborn babies to any number of toxic combinations, but it also opens women to untested methods which may cause serious complications to their own health.

This legislation also requires abortion facilities to inform women that chemical abortions can possibly be reversed to save their unborn baby’s life. (See abortionpillreversal.com.) The Abortion Pill Reversal program has a network of over 300 physicians worldwide to assist women that call their 24/7 hotline. The abortion pill is actually a regimen of two pills. The first pill blocks a woman's body from producing progesterone, a natural hormone that sustains a pregnancy. After taking the first pill, the woman is instructed to take a second pill which expels the baby from the uterus. 

The Abortion Pill Reversal is done after the first pill is taken. First, an ultrasound is done to confirm if the baby is still alive. Next, the doctor or other medical provider prescribes progesterone, reintroducing this important hormone to the woman's body for the rest of the first trimester.

This aspect of the legislation is critical for ensuring that women are informed about all of their choices, and that they have the opportunity to avoid a lifetime of heartache and regret.

Please support the passage of this legislation and help Ohio ensure the health of women and the unborn.